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Cross 16-25pt
Weight: 7.10 Dwt
SubCategory2: Air line
Setting1: Shared Prong Set
Measurement: 45x32mm

Other sizes available:16 stones-R2166(20pts), R2165(15pts), R2164(12pts), R2163(10pts), R2162(9pts), R2161(7pts), R2160(5pts), R2159(4pts), R2158(3pts), R2157(2pts), R2156(1pts)16mmx12mm

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16x.25 point diamond cross

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Weight: 4.60 DWT
SubCategory2: Air line
Size: 25PT
Setting1: Shared Prong Set
Measurement: 32x23mm

Available in other sizes: 11 stones- R2144(1pt), R2145(2pts), R2146(3pts), R2147(4pts), R2148(5pts), R2149(7pts), R2150(9pts), R2151(10pts), R2152(12pts), R2153(15pts), R2154(20pts)

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2pc. Greek Cross
Weight: 6.40 Dwt
Category1: Religious
Category2: Ethnic
SubCategory1: Cross
Measurement: 48mm

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2pc. Dreidel 12-1pt
Weight: 6.70 Dwt
Category1: Holidays
Category2: Religious
SubCategory1: Jewish
Shape1: Round
Size: 1PT
Setting1: Shared Prong Set
Measurement: 24x11mm

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Cross 22-1pt
Weight: 0.90  Dwt
Group: Religious
SubCategory1: Cross
Diamond Shape: Round
Size: 1PT
Setting: Fishtail Set
Measurement: 22mm

Also Available in:  R1944 – 16x.01 pointers, R1945- 16x.01 pointers

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