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QUALITY, RELIABLE, & FAST SERVICE! That is why since 1977, thousands of jewelers have trusted us with most of their needs so they could then service their retail customers with beautiful and quality jewelry.  Our inventory of designs or models is so vast; it represents so many manufacturers and designers, that it is practically impossible to issue a catalog that would show it all.  We do have some brochures and catalogs of the most current items and we would be very pleased by your asking for them.
If you are a License Qualified Retail Jeweler.What ever your need is at any moment, please contact us, fax us an image or a drawing, and we will respond immediately with the best we can.  If we have your item, it will be shipped to you same day, provided your credit has been cleared by us.We welcome you.  Challenge us!The Jewelers Stock Room is located at: Internation Jewelry Center, in the heart of downtown Miami.

22 NE 1st Street, Suite 228
Miami, Florida 33132 USA.

Phone: 305-358-3959
Fax: 305-358-6704